Sunday, September 30, 2007

pear and lavender cupcake with white chocolate ganache

nope, this is not a box order by anyone. nor is this something for sale. with all the steps this entailed, my golly gnu this might as well be something for the thanksgiving feast!

i believe in making sure that all components of a dish should be good on its own. the pear was amazingly fresh. the bottle of Gewurztraminer was great on its own. combine it together and add a teaspoon of lavender... amazingly wonderful poached pear.

good enough? sure! what goes with poached pear? ice cream.

but i dont have an ice cream maker. just not YET. so let's make something ridiculously parallel to it... a whipped white chocolate ganache! yep. totally organic! *did i say i infused the white chocolate with lavender?*

now those two are good enough on its own. but i believe in pushing things to its limit. let's turn it into a cupcake! after all, that's what this blog is all about!

pear. white chocolate. lavender. yum.

(check out for other unbelievably good sweets!)

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