Sunday, October 28, 2007

halloween creature 07

i thought i was wanting to make frankentstein for my chocolate peanut butter fudge cupcakes. then roan and i thought it looked more like a dead tree... then we added a smidgen of red icing and it looked terribly sad and guilty of eating something.... uhmm... bloody... so we decided to keep this as our pet... we'll save it and have it as our midnight snack after running errands.

as far as the cupcakes... it had a makeover... into this:

something nice, classically piped, fitting colors for the joyous occasion.

so after delivery, roan and i headed to valencia. we came back home hours and hours and hours later. we found this waiting for us:

i guess it got tired and fell asleep.

patience my child

gotta love em
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this box took the most time, love, patience and care than anything i have ever created before.
jack skellington... as easy as it sounds, requires the steadiest of hands, precise eye-hand coordination and just the right pressure to grab a sprinkle, yes, one little black jimmie with a tweezer (i never thought they were that delicate!) carefully placed on jack's mouth.
love it, love it, love it.

stop looking at me

roan rocks!
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roan came right in time when i needed help. this is her first frosting job ever and she totally rocks! we had so much fun decorating these cupcakes. really really cool.
tropical cupcakes made for a halloween party.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

for vicky

for vicky
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vicky turned 5 on the 2nd week of october. to celebrate this event, they had a party at the park. with these cupcakes, i want to be 5 all over again.
they had a box of banana chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, coconut and tropical.

it's a girl!

baby shower
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a baby shower is always a fun thing, as long as it's not for me, i says. this event stirred me like crazy as the parents-to-be wanted a jungle theme. to my relief, i discovered that the jungle theme was for the nursery, not necessarily for the food... whew! marissa likes the banana strawberry cake, so that's what she had. while chitchatting with the party goers, i was delighted to learn that dorothy has never had a piece of cake from the showers that she's been to mostly because she doesn't stay until the party is over. this event, according to her, is her first shower cake (of course she left early). hurray to dorothy for making a great and valid point!