Sunday, September 30, 2007

pear and lavender cupcake with white chocolate ganache

nope, this is not a box order by anyone. nor is this something for sale. with all the steps this entailed, my golly gnu this might as well be something for the thanksgiving feast!

i believe in making sure that all components of a dish should be good on its own. the pear was amazingly fresh. the bottle of Gewurztraminer was great on its own. combine it together and add a teaspoon of lavender... amazingly wonderful poached pear.

good enough? sure! what goes with poached pear? ice cream.

but i dont have an ice cream maker. just not YET. so let's make something ridiculously parallel to it... a whipped white chocolate ganache! yep. totally organic! *did i say i infused the white chocolate with lavender?*

now those two are good enough on its own. but i believe in pushing things to its limit. let's turn it into a cupcake! after all, that's what this blog is all about!

pear. white chocolate. lavender. yum.

(check out for other unbelievably good sweets!)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

boxful of choco cranberry

boxful of choco cranberry
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jim, lisa, austin and gavin came to town about a month ago before heading for a weeklong vacation in kauai. to celebrate their arrival, here we have a beautiful box of chocolate cranberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. austin finished his dinner just to have cupcake! now isn't that neat!

box of coco butterscotch

box of coco butterscotch
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cupcake is a crowd pleaser wherever it goes. however, the amount of icing on the cupcake is always the big debate. amazing how one cupcake and it's icing can be too much for one and too little for another. here goes my box of coco butterscotch with chocolate fudge frosting. to solve that icing question... i did myself and the rest of the room a favor. half of the box had more fudge, while half was topped with just the right amount of frosting. everyone happy!

Siobhan's Pink cupcakes

There's something with the color pink that can make any girl smile. For Siobhan's birthday, she got 4 boxes of chocolate cupcakes with fluffy 7 minute icing tinted in pink and 4 boxes of vanilla cupcakes topped with pink vanilla buttercream. all the girls in camp went crazy for the pink. oh well boys, better luck next time!

mary's 0 cholesterol

my friend mary was thrilled to learn about wholesome cakes. she was all the more thrilled to learn that aside from regular cupcakes, i also make vegan ones. this vegan number was a pleasant surprise for everyone. most of the people in the meeting never had a vegan cupcake before and all those who tried liked it... a lot.

she made me so happy when she got the box. i saw her like a proud momma of a new born child, the box in her arms showing it off to everyone she sees! isn't that special!