Thursday, August 23, 2007

homegirl's box

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i finally saw grace today... after 8 long months!!! nothing can make me happier than to send her home an all chocolate box. here we have a caramel filled chocolate cupcake with whipped cream topping and sacher torte cuppies. her better half rudy loves sweets a lot... i hope this box gets 2 thumbs up so i can get to see grace more often. oh how i missed grace!

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Anonymous said...

where can u get a healthy dessert that really tastes good? I am so proud of charity for being up to the challenge of creating as rich as anything you'll find in the bakery but equally healthy, 100% organic. All these flavors are definitely welcome treat in a lunch box, as a weeknight dessert, special occassions or any time you need a sweet treat. GO GIRL!!!